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lunasells's Journal

15 July 1985
External Services:
  • lunasells@livejournal.com
Name: Luna
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Resides: Setagaya, Japan
Currently: A Uni Student

Introduction: HI! :D/ I'm Luna (miya808) and this is my selling journal. I sell mainly JE shop photos, but I also sell other Japan related items. It's not really a business for me, but a way to help other fans get shop photos if they can't come to Japan. I go to the shop, buy the photos, bring them home, take bad pictures of them and then put them up for sale. I use my rent money to buy them, which is why requests are only open for a certain amount of time. So, enough about me; I just figured I might as well put something up here so that people will know who I am and what's going on.

Please check the rules and info or frequently asked questions post if you have questions.
Luna is:
  A fangirl
  A lover of Music
  Easily forgotten

Find Luna:
Real Life Journal: miya808
Writting Journal: harlequintemp

JE Media: je_media

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